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Let’s Celebrate

By Carmen Niehaus During October, we have plenty to celebrate. Summer is finally here; the rugby world cup is in full swing, and we are still spoilt with plenty of rugby to watch and to cheer for our favourite team. The best way to relax and join the World Cup festivities or to celebrate the…

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Sunshine Tart

By Carmen Niehaus Slowly but surely, we are heading towards the change of season. On the West Coast the flowers are blooming, their faces turned to the sun, ready to welcome spring and to convert the veld into a wonder world bursting with colour. An unforgettable scenery that everybody must experience once in a lifetime.…

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10 reasons to make rooibos your favourite cooking partner in the kitchen

By Carmen Niehaus It comes as no surprise that rooibos is seen as a superfood – by now it is well-known for its health benefits due to the abundance of antioxidants. But did you know that rooibos can also be your best companion in the kitchen, as they pair well with almost any type of…

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Spicy Lentil and Veggie Soup

By Carmen Niehaus In the foodie and health world, everybody is talking about good gut health nowadays. If you are on a mission to up your gut health, this soup will tick all the boxes. With plenty of veggies, it is full of prebiotic fibre for your good gut flora to feast on. One can…

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Carmen Niehaus x Carmién Tea Rooibos Cooking Boxes

Carmen Niehaus’ exciting new Rooibos Tea Cooking Boxes will show you step by step how to make rooibos part of your spice cupboard. Well-known chef and cookbook writer Carmen Niehaus has been a Carmién Tea partner for many years, developing delicious recipes with rooibos. Carmen grew up on a farm and this is where her…

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Flavoured Rooibos Teas for the Family

Spend some quality time over a delicious pot of flavoured rooibos tea. The Easter holidays are approaching and that means quality time with family and friends. This year is a little different from last year, as we can make plans and have get-togethers with our nearest and dearest again. In celebration, we have put together…

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Carmién Recycle Project Continues

From natural waste to recycled gift cards. From gift box to recipe booklet. We waste nothing. You may have purchased one of our gift boxes and not given a thought to what happens to the piece that gets cut out to give you that beautiful display window. Well, we have, and the end result is…

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