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The Umatie Foodies

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The Umatie Foodies

It was such a great pleasure speaking to these two passionate ladies and learning more about their beautiful company. I believe that nutrition is extremely important especially in the first few years of baby’s life. These woman are truly focussed on bringing an excellent product to mommies making lots of babies quality nummies!
(Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for this blog post and purely feature them because I believe in their product and want to introduce all our wonderful mommy followers to great quality products)

Who is Umatie and what do you do?
Umatie was started by two sisters, Anna and Judi in 2012. Even though we come from diverse backgrounds, graphic design and accountancy, we have a shared passion… good food! Umatie cooks healthy baby and kiddie meals that also taste super yummy! We use only the finest ingredients to ensure a balanced meal with a great taste. Our meals are free from additives and preservatives.

Anna and Judi

How was the idea of Umatie born and what was the inspiration behind the company?
When Anna’s first baby started on solids, she was more than excited to create her own recipes and cook for her baby. Seeing her little one’s enjoyment of the food, Anna and Judi decided to share these yummy meals with other babies. Since then, we have created many wonderful and tasty recipes for babies and kiddies to enjoy! We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product that makes weaning effortless and help busy parents spend more time with their family.

Where did the name Umatie come from and what does 
it mean?

When Judi was a baby she loved tomatoes (”tamatie” in Afrikaans) but couldn’t pronounce “tamatie” properly. Instead she asked her mommy to please give her “umatie”.Umatie Packs

Who creates your meal plans and meals?
Umatie’s meals are created by us ,Anna and Judi ,-inspired by all our favourites and
tweaking it to make it baby and kiddie friendly. We’ve also created the meal plans with the stamp of approval from a dietician who is specialised in child nutrition. Not only do we make life easier for busy parents but also ensure your baby gets exposed to a wide variety of balanced meals. Apart from the weekly meal plans (with a menu to stick on your fridge!), we also offer a wide variety of individual meals to select from on our website.
We like to stay on top of things and implement new foodies where we see a gap, like our Pure Protein meals or our Jolly Lollies. The most important thing to us, in order to produce a quality product, is the ingredients! We use only the freshest fruit and vegetables and high quality meat from a reputable butchery. This combined with the fact that we cook in smaller batches to ensure the quality every step of the way, makes Umatie a high-end product at an affordable price.


How many meals do you deliver in a month?

Ooooooooooh, a lot! We’re definitely making quite a few babies happy ☺
Do you have some advice for mommies about the food for their babies and toddlers?
Always give your baby or toddler food that you would like to eat yourself! Babies like the food they get used to. If you give them very salty or sweet food, they will get used to these tastes and are likely to find healthier food bland in comparison. Baby food in jars or sachets can be handy but they taste pretty similar and often have the same texture. This means that your baby will get used to food tasting the same. It is important to make your baby used to food that taste great! All babies and toddlers will go through a fussy phase but keep offering a variety of healthy meals and snacks. A happy heart is one that gets fed lots of yummy food… Umatie is just that – Good food for little eaters.

Anna and her husband has 2 little ones – Lisi 5.5 years, and Joe 3,5 years
Judi and her husband is excitedly awaiting their first born, Amei’s, arrival on 24 August 2015. Lots of blessings and good wishes to you!

Where can we find out more about your delicious products?

We have a user friendly website and make it easy for parents to place an order online with delivery to their door. View all the yummy meals online at www.umatie.co.za. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anna (072 999 2618)

Oh! and they deliver!What delivery areas do you cover?
Mostly the Cape Winelands, Durbanville, Cape Town and Southern Suburbs. We have a detailed list of all the specific delivery areas on their website and also have agents where you can collect meals from when it suits you best.


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Stand a chance to win a Umatie Meal planner and Carmien Rooibos products (one week of nummy food and lots of amazing rooibos tea) for your baby!

Visit our Carmien Kiddies Facebook page here and comment below the Umatie giveaway with your motivation to why you should win the amazing Umatie meal planner!


  • Winners must be over the age of 18 years.
  • Winners will be chosen by the best motivation posted on Facebook. Judges decision is final.
  • Winners must be in the delivery area of Umatie or be able to pick up their prize at the Umatie offices at own expenses.
  • Facebook is hereby released of all involvement in this giveaway. Please make sure that you fall within the delivery areas of Umatie or that you are able to pick up the prize at the Umatie off
  • Winner will be selected and notified on 9 September 2015