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#RooibosRecipe: West Coast Gin and Tonic by Carmen Niehaus

The West Coast’s distinctive flora serves as inspiration for unique cocktails made with Carmién’s Floral Berry and Citrus Chai gins. Adding a bag of Carmién’s Pyramid Rooibos tea blends or even a Cold Brew one makes for an interesting twist and an unforgettable G&T experience. Ideal for the Festive season.


For the gin, the popular Floral Berry Rooibos Pyramid tea blend has been distilled into a light Floral Berry gin which has a beautifully aromatic, sweet floral nose and a classic initial top note of juniper ending with a lingering berry flavour. The gin is available in a beautiful 500 ml bottle or in a 50 ml Mini Gin Taster Bottle, which is just enough for a generous one shot.

Pour a tot of gin into a glass and add your preferred tea bag. Infuse for 2 minutes, remove the bag if preferred (I keep the bag in), top with ice and add the tonic water. (For a less sweet taste you can have half tonic water and half soda water). Arrange a spekboom or geranium sprig in the glass and garnish with some West Coast flowers. Serve immediately.


The spicy pyramid Citrus Chai rooibos tea blend is distilled into a beautifully aromatic gin blend with a warm lingering chai note which is intense and fragrantly spicy on the nose.

Pour the gin into a glass, add your preferred tea bag and infuse for 2 minutes. Remove the bag if preferred and add the spices. Top with ice. Add tonic water and soda water if preferred and garnish with West Coast flowers. Serve immediately.