The Clevamama Bath method

I absolutely love bath time with Marguerite. I saw this amazing video of a nurse bathing a newborn. She was so gentle and delicate that the sweet baby fell asleep while being bathed. I can remember looking forward to Marguerite’s bath times even before she was born and I must say it is still such a special and fun time for us. (Although we are now going through a phase where she is refusing to get into the bath…?)

One ting that I never gave much thought to when it came to bath time was a bath mat. In passing my sister mentioned that she had bought this amazing bath mat. When I got to the store my already tired brain just remembered her mentioning it and I bought the same bath mat. Thank you sis! What a wonderful purchase. So today I would like to introduce you to the Clevamama x-lenght bath mat.

This amazing bath mat is x-length – {91cm (L) x 43cm (W)} – giving baby a little more wiggel space. It has lots of little suckers to stick to the bath tub – nothing slippery here – and is machine washable(Wow)!
My favourite part is that it comes with a little kneeling pillow for mommy. Jippee.

Now throw in some Clevemama bath toys (that comes with a free storage bath bag) and you have the makings of the perfect toddler bath.

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