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Women Upliftment at Mouton Foundation

The hands-on involvement from the Mouton Foundation allows for a nurturing environment for all. Specifically, female employees, beneficiaries, and bread-winners reap the benefits due to the supportive structures put in place through mobile clinics, educational seminars, and schooling for their children.

The Mouton Foundation has facilitated the intern- and learnerships of 22 students that attended the schooling facilities in Citrusdal. Looking through a finer lense at the initiatives, the countless activities to empower the youth at Mouton Foundation can be seen through the statistics. In one year, the following has been achieved:

  • 5 young girls have been sent with full bursaries to tertiary institutions
  • A community development program educating teens on reproductive health was hosted with insights about teen pregnancies, with 30 teens in attendance

Overall, we have seen increased the health awareness for our employees at Mouton Foundation through mobile clinic testing. The following tests were conducted:

  • General voluntary health checks during worktime (incl HIV, TB, blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI)
  • Voluntary breast examinations (More information on our CANSA Breast Cancer Awareness in 2022 here)
  • Voluntary eye checks

We saw an astounding 255 health checks be rolled out during this voluntary health checking during work hours. Which means, our employees are growing more trusting of the facilities available, and the community nurtured at Mouton Foundation. The aim is to uplift women who work for our foundation, who would otherwise not be able to work if their children could not be in school – hence an incredible childcare facility which supports early childhood development, toddlers, primary school children, and teens in high school. Many of these teens are able to be on the same premises as their mothers, whom can comfortably go about their day knowing that their child has a meal, a full day of activities, and transport. Eventually, a handful of these children even become facilitators at the schools and creches to teach the next generations!

The generational support is a main contributor to this trust, for many employees are whose children attend the schooling facilities, and entrust the education to lead to a better future.