Carmién Green Rooibos

Carmién has a new Green wonder that is spreading like a wild fire – Green Rooibos.

It has excellent heath properties including:

  1. Contains natural anti-oxidants which help to prevent cancer & combating free radical damage in cells.
  2. Green Rooibos alleviates allergies – asthma, hay-fever, eczema.
  3. Green Rooibos has anti-spasmodic qualities and alleviates colic & stomach cramps in babies.
  4. Green Rooibos replaces essential minerals, iron, potassium, zinc & sodium.
  5. Green Rooibos is soothing on the nervous system – excellent for hyperactive children


Kiddies with Enzema:

Pour a warm bath and add 6-10 bags of Green Rooibos tea. Let baby soak for 20min. Dry and dress with some funky PJ’s 🙂 Sleep tight little one.

If you would like to purchase any Green Rooibos Products go to

Any flavours that you would love to see?

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