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August News from The Farm

While flood repairs are coming the end, weather patterns in the Western Cape remain unsettled, almost as if winter and summer are in disagreement, constantly fighting for control which has made it a difficult planting season. Although there has been so much rain, it is actually a dry season. The heavy downpours drain away quickly…

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News from the farm

Stay updated on the latest news direct from the farm. 2020 was not a great tea yielding year for us, but the tea we did harvest was of very good quality. Over the last few years, we have expanded our tea planting radius into new areas adjacent to Citrusdal but have found that these fields…

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New Developments at Carmién Tea

Carmién Tea has established itself as a marketplace leader in innovative, functional rooibos-based teas and speciality products. Our most recent addition to the range is a Rooibos Powder (conventional rooibos powder with collagen and turmeric) and Green Rooibos Powder (green rooibos powder with echinacea, baobab and moringa) that are matcha-like products but less fine. These…

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